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Sales Process Development &Training

If you provide a product or service, you need customers.  The act of gaining those customers is sales.  PCS can help you define your best-fit sales process and develop and coordinate training for implementation.

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Sales Process Development

Defining the relationship progression required to gain new and grow existing business.

You have a lead, now what?

Do you follow the same process with every lead? Do you know how to go from talking about the benefits of your product/service to closing a deal?  Do you hear "no" too often when you make a pitch?  Do you lose customers after their initial purchase?

With over 14 years of sales experience PCS will create a customized solution that will understand your business and combined with industry best practices will help you define a standardized process for all prospects which when implemented will lead to more closed business.

Sales Processes need to match your business vision and goals.  It is highly recommended to pair this with Organizational Structure and Executive Coaching and/or Leadership Workshops.

If you have a defined process, it won't do you any good unless your sales people know it inside and out and can execute it  efficiently (in less time) and effectively (with measurable results).

PCS can create a curriculum and even host implementation training sessions to ensure your sales team is at the top of its game. 


Sales leadership takes grit.  It is highly recommended to pair this with Performance Management and Executive Coaching and/or Leadership Workshops.

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Sales Process Training

Enabling sales teams to execute defined sales processes efficiently and effectively to bring in the most possible business.

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