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More About Me

Performance Consulting Services was founded by Emily MacRae, a seasoned leader and passionate coach with 14 years of experience leading high-performing teams. She holds an MBA & Leadership Certificate from The Tippie College of Business at the University of Iowa.


 Emily understands the challenges and opportunities that come with leading employees and is excited to share her knowledge and skills to help your business thrive.

At Performance Consulting Services, Emily’s mission is to bring joy to work by developing the leadership skills of individuals and organizations so that they can thrive. She offers customized consulting services to help your team reach their highest potential and achieve their goals. 

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  • What exactly does PCS do?
    Performance Consulting Services, LLC exists to help business owners and leaders develop the leadership skills that will help their businesses thrive. Most small business owners don't set out to be leaders, they love doing what their business is built to do, but to grow, leadership becomes a necessity. That's where PCS comes in!
  • How do I know if I need PCS?
    PCS focuses on small and medium-sized businesses. You know you might need PCS if any of these apply to you: ✔️You have employees. ✔️You have multiple sites or offices with employees. ✔️You need to hire employees. ✔️You're struggling to motivate your employees to perform at their best. ✔️You're experiencing conflicts with coworkers or employees that repeat or grow worse over time. ✔️You need to address an employee's behavior and don't know how. ✔️You're training employees to sell without a structured curriculum. ✔️You don't have a business vision, mission, or values established. ✔️You can tell that your relationship/communication with coworkers/employees is falling flat. ✔️You're working constantly to drive the business and need more LIFE in your work-life balance. ✔️You know there's a better way to run the business, but you're not sure how. Performance Consulting Services can help! Just click below to schedule a time to talk with Emily about your business.
  • What does a proposal entail?
    A proposal will begin with a complimentary consultation during which we ask questions about your business and goals to understand what's going well and how you can build on that for future success. We'll also identify any opportunities, and we can correct them together. After that, you will be scheduled for a proposal meeting where we will share our recommendations. We'll highlight those that we believe are crucial to your success and the related services that go along with them. You'll get a clear price and timeline as well. Click below to schedule your free consultation!
  • What if I don't own a business or manage employees now, but I want to in the future?
    Good for you! Leadership is one of the most rewarding experiences one can have. That's our opinion anyway! PCS is currently building a leadership curriculum which we will be offering in 2024. This course will be for new and established leaders who want to become the best leaders they can be. Sign up for our newsletter and blog updates to find out when you'll be able to sign up, just click below or click Blog above.
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