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Bringing Joy to Work

At Performance Consulting Services LLC, our mission is to bring joy to work by developing the leadership skills and processes that help businesses thrive. We understand the unique challenges that small businesses face and the pivotal role that effective leadership plays in their growth and success. We are here to guide, support, and inspire small business owners and their teams on a journey towards excellence.

Be a great Teammate

Join our upcoming 1/2-day virtual workshop on June 18th.  Learn what makes a great teammate and how to improve your contributions to your team's success.

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About Performance 
Consulting Services

Performance Consulting Services, LLC specializes in enhancing the performance of small and medium-sized businesses by cultivating effective leadership abilities that foster outstanding performance, creativity, and employee involvement.


Based in Central Maine and established and led by Emily MacRae, PCS is committed to empowering individuals and companies to find joy in their work while attaining remarkable outcomes. Each client benefits from tailored guidance and specialized resources that cater to their unique business requirements.


Our services commence with a complimentary proposal consultation session, which aids in crafting a personalized quotation for solutions. Subsequent coaching, training sessions and workshops are meticulously crafted to assist individuals and leaders in honing the skills necessary for success. Our goal is to infuse our work with a sense of joy, enabling you to do the same with yours.

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